Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan

Monday, July 30, 2007

Holly COW!

Ok so yesterday was quite interesting for me. I still haven´t really mastered praying in spanish and I´ve been working on it. Last Sunday they asked Scott to say the opening prayer in sacrament and I have had a feeling they would ask me soon too. So his past week, I´ve been kinda learning and trying to get some words down. So yesterday we sit down and a few mins later they start. So I´m thinking ok, they didn´t ask me this week maybe next week. We have the sacrament and then the bishop get´s up and tells everyone who´s going to speak and such and then he says ¨our bennidiction will be givin by Jessie Dolan¨ he looks at me and so does everyone else!...then he says ¨please.¨ I think the shocked look on my face made him say please. So...I then started preparing a prayer the rest of the metting. I was so nervous! Of course everyone said I did a good job. People are saying that I have a good accent...I just need to get more words down. haha So, I got over that and we went to class. We are going to gospel priciples because it´s a smaller class and she talks slower so it´s easier to understand. We get in there and the teacher asked scott if he would teach the lesson next week with my help! They are starting to get a little too friendly here. I guess it´s good for us. Helps us learn a little bit faster.

Well, we were hoping to go with the Ixcots (ishcaughts sounds like scott with a ish in front) to pick up there son but the father was feeling a lot better and he decided to go so there wasn´t enough room in the car for us. The car ended up having problems on the way there so I guess it was a good thing. They showed us pictures of his before he left and he has changed a lot! He was 35 lb heavier then he is now. Thelma, the mom, says she liked him bigger. ¨no me gusta, no me gusta delgado¨she says. She´s very cute. She likes the chubby cheeks.

We are looking to go to Lake Atitlan this weekend. We have been looking into shuttles or bus ride and we started talking about it to the ixcots and they said it was very expensive, so they are willing to take us down there if we pay for gas. haha They are such an awesome family. So we haven´t decided but we will either leave Thur or Fri and be home Sat night probably, since scott has to teach the lesson on Sun. We are a los looking ino some hikes around here...there are quite a few. See if we can´t loose a few pounds. haha All the pastels....I tell ya. No, I don´t think I´ve gained a lot if any. Scott´s starting to get some love handles, which I don´t mind. haha We will take lot´s of pictures of our adventurs to show you when we get home.

Well, that´s about it this past weekend. Oh scott it still a little bit sick. It´s just a stuffy nose and head pressure which makes you very tired all the time. Pretty much what I had a week ago. He´s getting better though. Well, I will write more later! Adios

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