Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Chiggers not Jiggers

Well, we looked on the internet to see what exactly these chiggers were...yeah really gross. I'm pretty discusted about the whole thing, but the Elder that told us about the whole Chigger thing, said they burrow in your skin, the i-net said that is just a disbelieve. They actually just bite you and some saliva is injected which is why it iches so much. So...we have been washing everything and taking showers a lot. Scott found some pills that actually help your body get rid of everything faster so he's getting better. I am as well, without the pills. So hoepfully we will get ride of it here soon. We got a little bit scared cause the internet said that it can last up to 50 days! No thank you! (here is a picture of our bedroom)

I'm still dealing with my nose and ear problem. Not getting a whole lot of sleep because of it, but I'm not bed ridden and it's sunny so I'm enjoying the sun!

Scott finally got a call from the elders here and he's going to go on splits with them. We have had a really hard time getting them to work with us. They always say they will call and they never do so it was pretty exciting to finally get a responce from them.

Well, we are still optomistic about this trip that there will still be more great experiences to come. We are still looking into go to a few other places finaly decisions yet. Have a good day!

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