Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan

Thursday, July 12, 2007

We Are Leaving To Tonight!

Hello everyone! Well weare packing up and getting ready to leave. We leave at 9 o´clock tonight and travel all night long to Coban area. The next day we will be rafting on this AWESOME river that has the underwater caves. I wil try to write while we are there...but honestly we will be traveling a lot! We are only going rafting for like 3 hours then we are back in the bus for 5 hours to Flores. Spend the nigh then go to Tikal so 3-4 hours then back in the bus for 7 hours down to Antiqua. Stay there for 4 hours then take a 4.5 hour trip back to Xela. We get in around 10. So it´s a lot of traveling but it´s cheep and atleast we get to see the places then not. Later on we will be going to Lake Atitlan for a weekend, not quite sure when that will be...we´ll let you know.

Our mother here is really giving scott a hard time about eating sugar. It´s so funny. Scott has told them that he´s a nutritionist (half true) and so they are always asking questions about health and excercise. When ever scott eats a cookie or candy she´s always saying ¨no more scott¨Last night they were wondering about excercising, so scott brought out his jump-rope and I got some really cool movies and pictures. We really have a lot of fun with this family. We even got the mom and dad to jump-rope. Don´t worry, I got a video! They aren´t very coordinated here.

Well, I forgot to put some pictures on to m camera to download so I´m sorry I don´t have any picures up, I will put some up when we get back. Well, We will take lot´s of pictures and show you a few, haha. I hope everyone is still doing good. Adios!

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