Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan

Monday, July 23, 2007

Still a little bit sick but WAY better!

Hello everyone! Well, Scott hasn´t gotten sick yet and I´m feeling better. Yesterday I felt really good and got a good nights rest sat night. Then right before bed on sun night my nose started running and I got all congested again and didn´t sleep hardly at I went back a little bit but it´s way better then fevers and chills. I feel like I´m getting better though.

This week has some pretty exciting things happening. On Sunday we were invited to a lady´s house for dinner on Wed. Also the sister missionaries are finnaly read to go on ¨splints¨ (they just had transfers so they have a few greenies) and so I set up times for Thurs and Sun evening to go with them. The Fri after noon we will go with the Ixcot family to pick up there son from the mission in Guatemala city, spend the night there with there family and come home later Sat. So...very excited. The whole family is SO excited to see there brother and son. Reminds me of when Drew came home from his mission.

We are starting to look into some other trips and things. We still really want to go to Lake Atitlan and Antigua. The family is going to take us to the coast to this amusment park, they say similar to six flags....but I doubt it here. We´ll have to see. So...we only have 3 more sunday´s here and we want to go a few more places. So, we will let you know when we do.

As far as weather it´s been pretty rainy. It was nice and sunny thing morning and then it started raining. Reminds me a lot of Oregon actually. Not really knowing what the weather will be like. During the day it doesn´t rain very long, but at night it sure does. Just about every morning though it´s sunny and bright till later in the day. So it´s still nice weather, just not hot. I doubt I will get a tan while I´m here. Oh well.

We both just found out that right after this trip we will be going to Virginia as well. We leave Aug 19th and come home the 25th. So we get to go on another vacation. Maybe I´ll get a tan there...! Last night with the family was really fun. We played this game in spanish. We lost cause you have to know helped us learn some but it doesn´t help at the moment..haha. We got the whole family playing and joking. Fun memories! Well, not a whole lot else going on...I will try to write more tomorrow. Adios!

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