Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Two weeks here!

WOW I can´t believe it´s been two weeks. School for me is pretty hard this week. I really don´t like my teacher. I don´t feel like she is teaching me anything. She has me write a lot of verb conjugation while she sits there and brushes her hair and goes to the bathroom. But oh well. The days are very long with her. Last week didn´t seem this long cause I was talking and learning the whole time. It sure sounds like I´m complaining a lot and I´m sorry. Let´s just say the change will be good next week. :)

Other then that though on Mon we went with the missionaries to Central Park. They know some people that give good discounts to them so we got a few shirts and things. Then we headed with them to the mission office. Here they have these covers for your scriptures in leather that this guy puts church pictures on the fron and back for only 15 dollars. So we looked at some of the pictures and we are going to get some real leather scripture covers. I´m excited I really like ém. We will have to show you.

Oh, this sat we have set up a time to meet with this physical therapist in our ward here that works with little kids and we are going to get see if we can´t help them on sat morning. I´m not quite sure what will we do...if it´s just talking to them or actually massaging them. Either way it should be fun.

Well, We will write more either tomorrow or the next day. We are still having fun even though there are a few things we don´t like. I hope you are also enjoying yourselves in the beautiful summer weather.

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