Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Day Before We Leave

Well, we are still enjoying life. It´s a little bit weird since we are not going to school. We are not quite sure what to do. We are taking classes from a lady in the ward but she has a lot of health problems so she can only teach us from 3-5. So we have the mornings to do what ever we want.

Oh, I have to tell you. So there is this bakery that only opens on Tue and Fri. They make really good donuts (they are our weakness right now) and they make these mapel donuts put most of the time when we go they are already gone. So Scott wanted to get up early and go. So we did. When we got there there was only 1 left and we were like 4 in line. Scott was having some anxiety that someone was going to take it. I wish you could have been there. All he could think about was the donut and some one was going to take it before him. hahaha And people wonder why we don´t have children yet...I already have one!

It´s really crazy here how early this family get´s up. We are talking 4:30 in the morning. seminary starts at 5 and our mother teaches the class. There is a construction guy that comes at 5:30 in the morning and starts pounding on the ceiling. We don´t get very much sleep once 5:30 hits. I will start taking more pictures of the family since they are so much fun. The 11 boy is very cute and he talks really fast. Oh the other really funny thing about the family. They don´t want TV except at 9:00 at night. They will stop everything to watch Dragon BallZ. It´s is absoutally hillarious. The boy put Harry Potter 4 on they all of the sudden his watch alarm went off and he went to the other TV to watch the TV show. I don´t get it, but hey, every family has there little things they like. Oh, and half way through Harry Potter, the kid asked us if we wanted nachos. We said sure. So he left to the store bought some chips, like flavored (doritos, ect.) and put it all in a bowl and then squized fresh lime juice all over it. Then we were supposed to eat that´s there nachos.

The food at this house is SO much better. We had stuffed Zuchini for lunch. Way good. Lunch is the main meal here and we dont eat dinner until norally 8:30-9 at night then they go straight to bed...not the best, but hey it´s how they do it here.

Well I´ve been on the internet long enough. I hope this is still interesting. I added some pictures if you hadn´t noticed. I added some even into June. I hope you like em! Adios

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