Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Another day here...

Hello everybody. Well yesterday we went and saw Harry Potter, the new one. Except it was in spanish so I don´t know how much of it I actually got. Here to go to the theater it´s Q25.00 which is around $3.20 but last night it was a two for one. So it was even cheeper and why not go see it. I can say I´ve seen it...I´m just not sure what exactly it was about... :) Oh and also we went to Hiper Piez which is like a mall here. I have put a picture of what they call monopoly. haha I thought it was pretty funny. Oh and here is a picture of how much pasturized cheese is here. Everyone eats the homemade kind in a corn husk. I like the cheese here actually! So the exchange rate it $1.00 is Q7.66. So for Q50.00 1 lb of cheese is $6.52. That´s a lot for just one pound. Nuts is even more. It´s like Q70.00 per one little can.
Scott and I decided to get a few little kid games and things to help us learn more spanish. For me, my mind has finaly excepted spanish and I´m understanding it a lot better and as of right now can speak it better. I´m not perfect...but better then I was. Scott feels like the opposite. He went with Enoc (the son off his mission) to work today and try and speak more spanish to people. He wanted to know more then he does now. We tried looking into some volenteer work and we haven´t really found anything yet. I will keep looking though. I haven´t been very sucessful in finding a cooking class to go to. They don´t really have them here because you are just supposed to learn if from your mom...and our mom we live with already has 3 daughters she´s trying to teach. So...I´ve gotten some pretty good ideas on food though. As far as salsa classes go....we haven´t gone yet. They are all in bars and we haven´t worked up to courage to go.
Oh and yesterday we got out leather covers in leather with church pictures carved on them! So cool. I can´t wait to use them. We both got one for our BOM and one for the bible. So that´s exciting.
Well, I don´t know what we have planned for today but what ever it is...we will let you know tomorrow!

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