Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan

Monday, July 2, 2007

We are moving on Sat.

Hola everybody. We are starting another week of school. It´s almost been 2 weeks. It´s so crazy. It doesn´t seem like that long. We have done so much that time isn´t going very fast.

Well we have good news. On sunday we talked to the Ixcot family and they said that since they have 3 girls they will put them in one room and we will be able to have our own bathroom and room with them. We are very excited. We are getting quite tired of where we are. Oh and they are able-will to have us for the whole time that we are here. They said they are even willing to teach us and take us to work with them and just get us to start talking more. We are both very excited.

We have mixed feeling about the family we live with. We feel that our family is very cheep towards us. The family never eats with us, 8and when they do they watch TV) and we have the same meals over and over. For lunch and dinner is the exact same thing, not the best when the food wasn´t good the first time around. I understand not having money or making something big and then just eating it for a while, but even the other people in the family will sit down later and eat something different. I dunno. It´s not terrible, just not the best situation.

The picture is of our bathroom that we got to share with 7 people. Fun huh. Enough complaning. It will change soon. Well, I need to get going. adios

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