Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sick again...

Hello everyone. Well, I´m sorry I didn´t write yesterday I was pretty sick. The father got a fever and then next day my ears and throat hurt. Along with a fever later on that day. So I was in bed almost all day. Pretty weak too. I´m feeling a little bit better today, not completely myself though. Oh and we talked to some people about what our little red spots that ich a lot would be. They think that we got what they call ¨Jiggers¨. It´s a little bug that crawls in your skin and dies. So it was probably Tikal trip. We thought that we were just allergic so something in the water or poison ivy, but it´s not going away with any alergy medicine. how you make it heal faster is we are rubbing alcohol on the red spots to kill the bug faster and then putting anti-ich cream all over. Scott it worse then I am. He´s got it all over his back, legs, and arms. I just have a little on my elbows and ankles. So...A few unexciting experiences but then again it´s an experience!

Well, not a whole lot else going on other then being sick and sleeping a lot. I hope scott doesn´t get it. He´s a really bad sick person. He complains a lot. haha Well, that´s the update and I will let you know on Monday what´s happening. Adios!


smiliesar said...

That is gross!! I can't believe you have bugs crawling around inside of you. YUCK!

Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like some not so fun experiences lately. Hope you guys are feeling better soon! So did the rafting on the river part of that trip never happen? Anyway, get well!


Jessie and Scott Dolan said...

Haha rafting down the river, so funny. Ya they said that SCott did it...guess what it was! A little round intertube you sit in conected to other people in the group and you float down for about 15 mins. Scott said it was REALLY cold. I was already wet and our towls were really BAD so I was going for the drip dry so I didn´t go. I´m glad I didn´t!

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