Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Party Time!

Hello everyone. Last night Thelma, our mom here, told us about a little theater play that Orson, the youngest son, was going to be in the next day. So we decided to go. It started at 3:00. So, it was seriously like going to a middle school theater play thing. It was really bad...and VERY loud I think the people here are deaf. I have my ears covered the whole time. It was a good experience though. After that we were supposed to go over to Carlos´(the dad) fathers house to hear him talk about some of his books. The light was out so we scheduled it for today. I´m not really looking forward to it, that man can talk all day long! Anyways, since we couldn´t sit in the light at his house we decided to head home. it was about 7ish by this time and getting dark and scott noticed a beautiful Cathidral all lite up so the Ixcot´s took us there and we took a few picures. It was really a fun night.

So Carlos (the one in the middle of the picture) wants to take us to this hot spring pool that´s about an hour away tonight. So we are leaving tonight and he says it´s worth it to stay the night so we will see it there is any rooms available. Next week the family is also talking about a lot of different trips they want to take us to, so we will have to see what happens. We are excited for it and sad that we only have 1 more full week left.

We were also talking to Carlos and Thelma and we found a really cheep way to get to Guate on the 14th. The ward is having a Temple trip so they said we can hitch a ride. The only bad part is that they are leaving at 1 in the with all the traveling we will be doing that week it´s not the best start. So we don´t leave until the 16th so the 15th we will go to Antigua. It´s only 30-45 mins from Guate City. Quick trip and worth probably some good pictures. It is really getting close to leaving! I feel like a missionary that doens´t want to come home. haha It will be good for us tho.
Scott is doing a lot better. We are both not sick and ready to do somethings here. We are going to be going to Lake Atitlan this weekend. Fri and Sat. So...I will write on Mon and let you know how things went. I hope you are all still enjoying the summer! Adios

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