Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Fuentes Gorginas

Last night Carlos, the dad, took us to a place that´s about an hour away to this hot spring place. We ended up spending the night. It was a little bit spendy but worth it. On the way there it´s all forest and very beautiful. Carlos said when his kids were little he told them that this was the place that King Kong lived. haha It really does look like the movie and I can see why he said that. The room was quite interesting. 2 full size beds, but because the people here are so small he blankets don´t really go down the whole way so most of the night our feet were hanging out or we had to be crunched up. There was a fire place, but we couldn´t get it started...scott tried for about 45 mins. They also had this big area for a bath..but the water didn´t work. haha
The pool was actaully filled with natural Sulfer water. I heard some people talking and before it was an actual river that you could go in. Now it´s more of a pool that they have channeled the water into. It was still hot and natural. Along the sides of the rocks they had the HOT water driping down. We took LOT´S of pictures.
Well, tomorrow we are headed off to Lake Atitlan, we are not wuite sure how long yet...we would like a 2 day thing but I don´t know if there is enough to do there. People are saying that you have to have an activity to do like biking or boat rides cause it get´s boring after a while. We will also take lot´s more pictures and show you a few on Monday. I got to get going. Adios!

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