Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sick but beter again.

Man we are both VERY tired of being sick all the time. We are ready to be home just so that we wont be sick anymore. I don´t know if you were able to translate Scott´s last entry but all of Sat Scott was fine and was preparing for his lesson. That night he had Patches (I refuse to eat them cause I got sick from them earlier in the trip) and then about 2 hours latter scott felt pretty sick. He said he felt like he was in Hell. haha He was up all night cause he couldn´t sleep and his stomach pains were really bad. He threw up a few times. So, we didn´t go to church cause he kept me up also. Then monday just as he was feeling better I felt realy bad. So we are just going back and forth with things. I was in bed almost all day yesterday. I´m better today, thank goodness. Sometimes these sicknesses last a few days.

Well, we didn´t do the hike, because they wanted 20 USD for the hike per person. Which that doesn´t seem like a lot in US but here it is. The quality of service here is so cheep that when they charge a lot it´s not worth it. In the US you get what you pay it´s all the same just different prices. So we didn´t do the hike but we are still going to go to Xocomil with the family. It´s just a day trip, but it should be lot´s of fun. We leave Xela in 1 week from today! (we still have 9 days left) Crazy. I am a little bit ready for it...just because of the sicknesses and what not...but I will miss it. Scott says he´s probably going to cry. haha That´s about it on an update. Thanks and have a good day!

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