Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

8 days till we leave

Hello everybody. We are getting SO very close to leaving and we are getting VERY excited. Along with the excitement though, comes a lot of stress since we are moving and packing. I found a home for our kitty in Vancouver so I'm very relieved to have found some one to watch him.

I'm still work a lot at Doug's and all my clients want to get in right before I leave so it makes it a little bit hard sometimes to get all the little errands and things that I need to get done, done, but things will get done either way. My little miss perfectionist Maddie, will come over after we have moved a lot of stuff out and help me clean the apartment so that we can have some kind of a deposit back. They didn't know that we had a cat so I hope that doesn't mess things up too badly...we plan on moving all of our big stuff on Sat evening.

A lot of people have been asking me what we will be doing once we get down there. We get there around 9pm on the 20th. So we will stay the night in Guatemala City, since it is too dangerous to travel to Antigua at night. The 21st we will stay in Guatemala City and go to the temple as well as do some site seeing. Spend the night again in Guatemala city. The next morning, the 22nd, we will then travel to Antigua. It's about 45 mins away. We will get settled in to our house/room and then probably have some one show us where the main places are located. The market, the stores, the schools, the bus stops, ect. Also we will stop at all the different schools and find one that we like so that we can start on Monday. If we haven't found one that day then we will look around the next day. From there we will just have to see what happens...

With the school there they don't have season with school. They are year around there and they start every Monday. Every school is different with different programs and advantages. For example, one school includes a cooking class that is "free" with classes. Other's have tours every week that you can go on. Some school's have volunteer programs. Also, every school has different prices. There's around 60 school's in Antigua. We have looked on the Internet, found a few we like, but until we see it we don't want to make a decision. They stay pretty open, and it's really not hard to get in.

That's the gist of what we are thinking about doing there. Things might change I dunno. Again I wanted to remind everyone that our phones will be turned off. We will turn them back on when we get back with the same number. So dont get rid of our number, just don't call us while we are gone. haha I will send any and all contact informaiton to both my parent's and Scott's parents so if there is an emergency then we will be able to get a hold of. Well, I will write more right before we go. Thank you all for reading this. I will talk to you later.


Flabby and Friend said...

I'm so stoked for you guys! Can't wait to hear the stories and see the pictures of your experience down there. FYI- this is the last comment I'll make in english, so I hope you learn quickly. haha.

Kevin said...

by the way that first comment was mine ;-)

My cell phone number is 971-221-5685. Scott's number is 541-914-5123 if you wanted to get a hold of us.