Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan

Friday, June 29, 2007


Hello every one! Sorry I didn´t write yesterday. It was hot and we wanted to have fun outside. I have been a little bit sick lately, It always seems to be my ears. My nose and sinuses get all clogged up and then it affects the ears, very tipical for me, it´s just not the most fun. Other then that we went to instatute last night. The same family that we went to FHE with was teaching the class. They are such a great family. Scott and I have decided that we are going to look into moving in with a member here. We both notice a big different with the spirit and learning spanish. The family that we live with now is very catholic and she doesnt include us in a lot of the activites that could really help us learn more spanish. She doesn´t every take us to the market with her, or let us help her cook, or talk to us very much. They watch TV a lot. This other family is very good teachers and we are hoping that we can figure out a different way to help us learn spanish. Besides it may give us a good vacation spot when needed in the years to come. haha

Tonight we have a ward missionary dinner night thing at the church that we are excited to go to. We decided not to go on this weekend trip to the beach because it´s all day sat and sunday. We will take pictures of the building here. It´s pretty funny cause all the building are run down and then there is this beautiful marbel chapel on a main street. Everyone we talk to, knows where it is because it stands out. The inside is even better. I haven´t got a YES from scot but I think we will end up staying here the whole time. Along with learning spanish, we really wanted to get to know the people here. We have found some very strong members and a great ward that is very understanding and ready to help us with anything. So we will go on the tikal trip and then probably stay here and just enjoy the people. There is a sister missionary here that we were talking to last night. She started crying because she leaves in less then a week. She as so cute. Speaking of sisters, I´m going on ¨divisions¨or ¨splits¨with them on Sun . That should be pretty fun.

Oh, if any of you are looking on the map to where we are. Xela is just a nick name for Quetzatango. It´s west of Guatemala city. A little bit above Lake Atitlan.

Weather wise, yesterday is rained most of the day. Most days it seems to be nice and sunny during the day and then rain at night. Perfect huh. Some days it rains during the day, but most are sunny. It does get pretty cold at night here though. Last night was probably the coldest it´s been.

Oh. Scott broke down for american food yesterday and we went to wendy´s. haha It´s actually REALLY big. I was surprised. I was about ready to break down for american food to, scott just made it happen. lol The spice they use here is very different. My stomach doesn´t like it. some of the food I start eating and I just loose my appitite. So, maybe I will loose a few pounds. haha That and we walk everywhere here. Our family has a car but they wont ever take us anywhere.

Oh, our faimly, I haven´t told you about them other then that they are catholic. There is a grandma, Maria, her husband died 11 years ago from a heart attack. Her daughter lives with here and here son. No dad that I´ve seen. The daughter, fifi, works all the time pumping gas, and the son is about 12 years old and a lot like Jacob. Scott will play soccor with him but most of the time he just hangs on scott, beggin for attention. The house is quite small. There are 4 rooms, with one bathroom a little living room and a kitchen. They have a dog and a small backyard. That´s about it. it´s all cement, and painted very badly. It´s like Zephriam painted the whole house, it´s weird. Oh well.

well, this is a very long entry, sorry. Scott is doing homework so I have nothing to do. haha well, I will write more on monday since the school isn´t open on the weekends. Adios

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