Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan

Thursday, June 21, 2007

We are here

Hola! So we left rather early Wed morning so that we could have a 7 hour layover in Houston TX. As tired as we were it was really benificial because we got to talking to a native Guatemalan who lived in NJ. Scott got to brush up on his spanish, while I tried to understand. I still can't speak it very much, only a few words. I'm surpised how well I understood what they were talking about though. Of course we took pictures of them. She was the sweatest lady. After our flight, she totally took over and helped us with everything. She helped us get our luggage and when we went out onto the street she started yelling at anyone who tried to take our luggage until we found the hotel people who were supposed to pick us up. It was great to have a little madre on the airplane with us. So far the people seem very willing and ready to help, as well as poor.

I will have to say though our plane madre did scare us a bit. We were all talking and then another american who now lives in Guatemala chimmed in and started talking to us. Some how the conversation went to how dangerous it is. They were saying stuff like, 2 weeks ago 10 people were killed from a robbery on a bus, and how people are so desprate that they will take out people organs and sell them. Scott's eyes are gettin bigger and bigger. Haha. Many people have told us that it can be very dangerous here but it's no different then in some places in america. Once they saw that scott was getting scared they changed the subject and told us that as long as we are smart and dont go out late at night, then we will be just fine.

Things are doing great. We finally got to bed around midnight last night. We are in Guatemala City in a places called Casa de Familia. It's a very nice and cosy place. This morning we got black beans (crushed up), tortias, eggs and fresh orange juice. Very yummy.

Well I need to get going. We are headed to the temple this morning and then possibly some museums. We will write more a little bit later tonight. We are so excited!

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