Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Another day here.

Well, we have both got the wonderful sickness that everyone dreads. It´s a good thing we brought some antibiotics. Other then that though we are enjoying our stay. We were able to go to a members house for FHE last night. They were very patient with us and it´s so wonderful to have the gospel throughout the world. It was a family with 6 kids, which by the way is VERY rare because of how poor everyone is here. Most people have 1 or 2 kids tops because they can´t afford anything. Most people don´t have cars, and most are living with relatives. We could definetally see the blessings they had from following the gospel.

School is still going great. Scott is speaking pretty good, even though he isn´t satified with it, he can carry on a pretty good conversation with the people here. Me on the other had, am still learning a lot of the basics. I´m getting it but scott speaks all the time so I hardly have time to talk, so we are working on that with him. He´s just a little to excited about learning the language. The 1-1 teaching is really helping me. She is a patient and good teacher for me. She took me to the bakery today and helped me with the different words while going there and also in the bakery. I just need to learn more words and then I will be able to speak it better.

I´m still pretty amazed by how small they are here. There really isn´t any difference between male and female. They are all about the same size. haha and then they breed smaller kids. lol The old men and women are so cute in the guatemalan outfits. I just love it.

Thank you all for your commnets, we are getting them by the way. I´m sorry there aren´t any pictures up, we only have access to the internet by the school´s computers and they are quite slow and old so I don´t have any way to get the pictures onto these computers to down load them on here. So sorry. When we can we will. Till tomorrow.

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Flabby and Friend said...

Tenemos tanto animo pa' ustedes y esta experienca que tienen. No se preocupan, el idioma vendre bastante pronto. Tengan pacienca y todo estara bien. A lo mejor los dos van a hablar espanol mejor que yo en uno o dos semanas, especialamente con la gramatica. Pero, de Sarita y yo, ojala que Dios se bendigas mientras su tiempo en Guatemala. Cuidense.

My cell phone number is 971-221-5685. Scott's number is 541-914-5123 if you wanted to get a hold of us.