Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan

Thursday, June 21, 2007

We are going to Xela (sheyla)

Hola! Well we have decided to go to Quetzaltenango (Xela is the nick name) We have found a cheep place and a nice school to go to for about 2 weeks. They also have a bus trip to Tikal in July that we will be going on. It's a 4 day journey, and yes it's on a bus but we get to see about 5 different cities and places along the way. As of right now, we will then go to Antiqua to learn more spanish. We may change it again so don't count on that. So I do not have a phone number or an address to give to you right now since we will be all over the place. Today we have really good internet access. I don't know what tomorrow will be like. So if it's a couple of days since I write, that's why. Well, I'm tired and today has been adventurous but tiring. We went to the Guatemala Templo and went through a session. I got pretty stressed out since I don't know the language to well. I can understand most of what they say...but I can't tell them if I need anything. lol Scott is normally my translator right now. lol We got lost in the city, that was fun too so we walked all over the place. haha fun times. Well, I will hopefully write more tomorrow. We have a 4 hour bus ride the Xela tomorrow, so we got to get to bed early. Have a good day and I will talk to you later! Adios

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Storch said...

Hi Jessie and Scott!
THanks for the notes and staying in touch.

Much Love,

Alaska Dad N582SV

My cell phone number is 971-221-5685. Scott's number is 541-914-5123 if you wanted to get a hold of us.