Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan

Friday, June 15, 2007


I finally finished school for the term. I am hoping that I got all A's in my classes. Finishing school didn't give an excuse to play though. Our clients want to get in for as many massages as they can before we leave, so there is not a lot of available time away from work. We are also starting to pack up a lot of things. It is still easy compared to going to school full time ontop of it all.


Becca said...

YAY for being done with school for now! Everything sounds so exciting for you guys! I love that we are both going out of the country for 2 months, at the same time! Our blog is We will make sure to keep it updated with pics.

Well have fun you two crazy lovebirds! LOL

Bessie said...

Well said.

My cell phone number is 971-221-5685. Scott's number is 541-914-5123 if you wanted to get a hold of us.